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Web Developer, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Customer and User Experience Expert, Executive and Administrative Support Provider, Research Specialist


SEONitro Support Desk

Content Editing/Management | Customer Support | My Projects | Technical Writing | Web Development

Support Desk Development, Maintenance, and Administration.

– Determine and add Troubleshooter steps
– Write and/or edit Knowledgebase articles
– Add and/or edit News items and News feeds
– Procurement and addition of images to articles on the support desk
– Verification of information on Knowledgebase articles and Troubleshooter steps to ensure correctness
– Change settings on the support desk as necessary (included upgrading/updating the support desk software, adding/removing staff, admins, macros, predefined replies, departments, articles, support email addresses, among others)

See the historical progression of the support desk frontend below.


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