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SEONitro Customer Support Manager Recommendation on LinkedIn


“When we hired Fara, we were looking for someone with excellent customer service skills to handle our support tickets. We got that and so much more. Fara quickly showed herself to be incredibly organized, proactive, professional and articulate. We made her the manager of our customer service department (supervising a staff of customer service reps, training new hires, handling escalated customer support tickets, billing issues, information dissemination, etc). We also utilized her organizational skills in other areas of our operations. Fara was so adept at managing small details that she was the person we relied upon to make sure that all projects were followed up on and finished to completion, even giving her the authority to follow up on myself (VP of Operations) and the company owner, Dori Friend. Fara has a unique talent for managing 1000 tiny details while never losing track of the big picture. She has great foresight and can anticipate problems before they arise, coming up with strategies to manage problems and improve efficiency. She is thoughtful, has excellent analytical skills, can be tough when necessary while always maintaining a pleasant and approachable demeanor, and she has an admirable work ethic. I truly cannot speak highly enough of her.

“Fara’s areas of weakness were in asking for help when her workload became too heavy. She takes on a lot and takes full responsibility for it, so I sometimes had to remind her that I was there to assist her when necessary. Fortunately, she also takes direction and criticism well, and was always amenable to making any changes we asked of her.

“I would honestly say that Fara is one of the best employees and teammates I have ever had the pleasure to manage.”

Julie D.

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