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Katy! the Musical, 1989 CCP Production

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Katy! the Musical, 1989 CCP Production

Front row, left to right: Mitch Valdez, Ms. Katy de la Cruz, Celeste Legaspi. I am in the back row, right.

I was there, and not as a spectator but as a member of the cast.

I saw news about Katy! the Musical being restaged in 2013 by Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez, and, just on a whimsy, I did a search on youtube for it. You know what – and I did not expect it – there are videos of the 1989 production staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. And I am on them ? ( of course, I would be, because, like I said, I performed in it).

On this one, I am the majorette:

Here, in the circle of dancers after the curtain rises, you will see me at the front right side. I am the one over whom Mitch Valdes stumbles, and also the one she pushes off the platform:

On this, at 8:03, I am the second one coming in from the left. I am actually the shortest of the dancers and the only one with ‘syete’ hair, you know, the 7 cut that was popular back then. At 9:37, I am the last one coming in from the right, in gold knickers, and the first one to kneel. And I am in front, left, at 9:59! Boy, even I had to really look to identify myself LOL!

I come in at 2:37 in this video. My back is turned to the camera, unfortunately, but I know that it’s me because of the short hair caught in a hairnet.