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Free WordPress WooCommerce Online Store Setup

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Sign Up for a Web Hosting Package at and I will set up your WordPress WooCommerce Online Store* for free!

To be eligible for the free set up, you must have the Advanced Web Hosting Package** and your purchase must already be beyond the 30-day money back guarantee period***. You will need to:

  1. Sign up for the Advanced Web Hosting Package.
  2. Complete your order**.
  3. Send a copy of your purchase receipt to with email subject “Free WordPress WooCommerce Online Store Setup” for verification of your purchase and eligibility for the offer.

After successful verification, we will contact you with details on how we can get started with your WordPress WooCommerce Online Store* setup.

This offer is for the set up of ONE online store and includes:

  • WordPress installation
  • WooCommerce activation with the Storefront theme
  • Configuration of up to 5 simple or affiliate/external products
  • Publishing of up to 5 pages or blog posts

This offer does NOT include:

  • Theme and product customizations
  • Content creation (image, text, videos, other media, other forms of content)
  • Configuration of products other than simple products or affiliate/external products
  • SEO, ongoing development and maintenance

This offer is valid until October 31, 2019.

*Basic store set up with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Storefront theme.
**Those who sign up for trial accounts or who have accounts in trial mode are not qualified for this offer.
***Those whose purchase are still within the 30-day money back guarantee period are not qualified for this offer.